Antarctica Countdown 35 Days and Counting: Another Day, Another Hill

I didn’t expect to get out on a hill today. Rather I thought I would be cooped up in a stuffy hotel conference room all day. Luckily for me, we had a few hours off from the AUCC 100th Anniversary conference today to get out and explore Montreal. I, of course, headed directed to Mount Royal. If I lived here, it would definitely be on my training agenda. I enjoyed climbing all the stairs to the top, circumnavigating the trails at the top, and watching all the folks getting out and active on a lovely fall day. The maples are in full red glory and I was reminded that fall is my favourite season.

35 days…five weeks…wasn’t it just 49 days and 7 weeks a few days ago? Now 35 days sounds longer than five weeks. I continue to fill the tug of the tension between “It’s coming on way too fast and I won’t be ready” and “Alright already…I’m ready-let’s go.” I hear the weather hasn’t been very cooperative yet and few polar expeditions have made it to the ice yet. Vinson expeditions will begin in about three weeks or so.


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