Antarctica Countdown 20 Days and Counting: Back on the Ice

20 days! Less than three weeks! My goodness. I’m back from my trip south (which was a delightful diversion) and am now just where I thought I’d be…slightly panicked at the three week mark with growing twinges of excitement mixed in. The departure date is within sight with no other trips in the mix. The countdown is very real and the butterflies are mounting and the to do list seems longer than I want it to be.

On the other hand, it’s all familiar. The feelings, sensations, and thoughts often show up at this stage. I’ve felt them all before. They are part of the process and serve to more finely focus my attention on the coming challenge. I’m likening it to being back on the ice.

My fall hockey season has been slow to get going this year since one of the arenas was having trouble getting it’s ice down. I returned to a full slate of hockey (six games a week) but the first game back felt awkward and I felt clumsy. The second game was more fluid and the third started to feel really good (and I could finally catch a pass again). I’m thinking (and hoping) that as preparations continue, I will drop back into that “I can do this prep with ease” place. I still, really at times, am in disbelief that I am going to Antarctica…how cool is that! So, I’m back on the ice and soon to be “heading to the ice” as folks who have been there before call it!.

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