Antartica Countdown 3 Days and Counting: More Layers

First off, congrats to the RMI Team One who summited today. I hope to be following in their footsteps in two weeks or so. They had terrific weather and made good time.

Lots of layers of experiences today including practicing with all my layers once again and documenting each one. Final decisions tomorrow. Spreadsheet weights show I’m over my weight allowance so I’ll revisit each item and see if I can shed any weight (for example, I traded out my heavy duty crampon bag for a lighter stuff sack and saved 200 grams). We are allowed 50 pounds of baggage to the ice and then overage cost $30 a pound to a max of 65 pounds.

Wonderful send-off dinner tonight with friends and I received a terrific penguin wool hat. I have to see if it will fit under my helmet. I also enjoyed visiting with several folks as they picked up penguin t-shirts. Three more sleeps at home…wow…best fill those bags soon.

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