At the Airport (YYT)

It was supposed to be a vanilla dip but alas travel and adventure and climbing requires an ability to adapt to changing conditions so bring on the Boston Creme! At the airport, after a wonderful afternoon with the my sweetie, at the movies. We watched Happy Feet 2 as preparation for Antarctica! The only thing that’s tough about leaving for this trip is leaving my dearest behind. Thank goodness, my next big adventure to the top of an island in the Caribbean, we won’t have to face saying good-bye once again. I’m ready for the travel bardo of between here and there with six books on the laptop and one book on glacier mountaineering in the backpack. Toss in a few episodes of Flashpoint and a movie or two and it will be Thursday morning at the bottom of the world before I know it.

Chile is just a half an hour different time zone than here so I won’t have jet lag to deal with-just travel weariness and two overnight flights. They are calling my flight to Toronto. I’m off! (You sure are! …a line from a high school theatre production I was in).

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