Vinson Massif: Summit!!!!!!!

Here is the latest update from TA’s team, they have summited!

Posted by: Dave Hahn | December 11, 2011
Elevation: 16,067′

Hey, this is Dave Hahn calling in from the summit of Mount Vinson 16,067 feet above sea level. And I’m up here. It’s 5:25 in the evening. I’m with three wonderful climbers: T.A., Mindy and Vlado, and we picked a beautiful day to be up here. It’s calm, it’s sunny, it’s wonderful. This is my 29th time on top- likely a record of some sort and what an enjoyable day. What an enjoyable week’s its been. Here’s T.A.: Hey, this is T.A. calling from the summit of Mt. Vinson and the view is absolutely… absolutely awesome! Special hello to everyone in Newfoundland and another special hello to Rain and Zander up there in Edmonton. Take care everybody. [Mindy] The view is… I’ve never dreamed about it. Without Dave and the team I couldn’t dream I could make it. Dave you are a lasting reward. I made a good choice with RMI. Without the team I couldn’t have made it. Total team work. This is Vlado from Slovakia calling from the highest point in Antarctica. Beautiful time, we are having a great time. Alright, well that’s us from the top of the Vinson Massif, highest point in Antarctica. We have gotten very lucky. Very lucky and we appreciate all the help people have given us a long the way. Thanks a lot and we’ll keep you informed. I’ll send out a dispatch from our high camp tonight because we are going to get down nice and safe. We are all doing strong and well. It’s going to be a nice day, a day to remember.

RMI Guide Dave Hahn

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Many thanks to the Newfoundland and Labrador Credit Union for their financial assistance in getting TA to Antarctica to climb Mount Vinson.

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12 Responses to Vinson Massif: Summit!!!!!!!

  1. Shelagh says:

    Whoopee!! Way to go TA! I think Xander’s penguins were the charm.

  2. Jean-Marcel says:

    Congratulations on the latest milestone. We are proud of you.

  3. Anonymous says:

    You did it Aunty!!! We heard your hello!!
    We knew you could and are sooo proud of you! We love you very much..

  4. Heather Courage says:

    Heather and her grade four class write……..
    Congratulations, well done !!!!!!! It must have been awesome to be on the summit. The students are still wondering about their penguin. Just kidding. Don’t think I need a penguin for a class pet. Take care safe journey back.
    Reader of Everest Books

    • TA Loeffler says:

      Hi Heather and Grade Four Class…
      I may get to see some penguins tomorrow but I doubt they’ll let me bring one home to you. Have you seen Happy Feet 2? I saw it before leaving for Antarctica-it had lots of penguins. Thanks for your congrats!

      • Heather Courage says:

        HI TA,
        Just doing Social Studies class and we just read your reply. Thanks. The students still want a penguin or at least a picture of one. How cold is it there? Do you have to wear many pairs of socks Alex wants to know. Is it boring waiting for the plane? Does your drinks freeze in the cold? Hayley would like to know. Do you still have to wear the baby butt cream on your face? Devon would like to know.
        Take care, stay warm and hopefully you will be on your way home soon.

        Heather and her grade four class.

      • TA Loeffler says:

        Hi All,

        I’ll try to get a penguin picture-Dave our guide on the mountain-has seen thousands of penguins in his career of travel in and around Antarctica. The temperature ranged from plus 10 C in our tents to minus 40 C in the wind. Mostly it didn’t feel too cold to me most of the time. Sometimes we built up frost on our faces as we climbed. I wear two pairs of socks in my boots: one thin pair and one thick pair-both are made of wool. I didn’t bring baby butt diaper cream on this climb (I had sunscreen and lip balm) but some days when the sun was so bright and my nose was a bit sunburnt, I wished I had some. I hope to be home in Newfoundland on Thursday. Happy Holidays to your whole class.

  5. Trudy Veitch says:

    Such a great accomplishment for you and the team. Been very busy but following your updates. In this post I can hear the joy, wonder and gratitude in your voice! Imagine — on top of the world at the bottom of the world!

    • TA Loeffler says:

      Thanks Trudy…it truly was a moment that I will never forget…still trying to get my head around being at the “bottom” of the world…it’s an amazing place (for lack of a more developed description as of yet)

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