An Offering of Mount Vinson Videos (and one of penguins because I couldn’t resist))

Here’s a video with some of the views seen when flying from Union Glacier to Mount Vinson Base Camp.  This was shot on the day I flew out of Vinson Base Camp by Steve Kroeger as he flew in.

Here’s a Vinson summit video made by Leif Whittaker in 2010.  You can spot Dave Hahn taking a picture of the climber on the summit.  They had a much windier summit day than we did.

Here’s a Mount Vinson summit panorama done by Rob Jarvis.  What a view!  Thanks to Rob for capturing what I didn’t on the summit (I didn’t carry a video camera on this expedition though now I wish I had.)

Here’s another made by my friend, Eric Larsen.  He spent the season working in Antarctica and lead a trip to visit the Emperor penguin colony.  This video gets me giggling every time and I know that at some point, I’d like to return to coastal Antarctica so I can see the wildlife there in person.

Here’s another by Eric Larsen giving a look at Union Glacier and the wonderful folks who work there making adventures possible for the those who drop in/through.

Here’s some video of the Ilyushin 76 landing on the Blue Ice runway…pretty darn amazing…This is the plane that shuttles Antarctic adventurers from Punta Arenas to the continent and back.


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1 Response to An Offering of Mount Vinson Videos (and one of penguins because I couldn’t resist))

  1. Wow! Thank you for sharing these videos. Truly breath-taking.

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