The Big Push…Err…Pull!

In just under three weeks, I will set foot for the first time in Greenland and it’s nearing two weeks to departure to Iceland-the staging point for the expedition. Each day I try to check a few more things off the to do list and bank a few more hours in the training bank. Emails are flying and emotions range from sea level to ice cap.

Friday I pulled and hauled 80 kg from Thorburn Road to Pippy Park…my sled shattered under the load and the friction fin became a drogue. Every 100 metres or so I had to stop and flip the decently heavy (130 pound) sled over and re-bend the snow catching, absolute friction inducing, sled-stopping, mind training piece of plastic back into the sled to have any hope of forward progress. It was a slow humbling but good go. I had to do that piece of training early because I was off to the Eastern Townships of Quebec to work with/present to a group of emerging student leaders at Bishop’s University.

It was an exciting and engaging weekend of inspiring the students to find the leaders within themselves. It was a treat to work with a small intimate gathering of folks wanting to change the world around them and within them for the better. I felt right at home in the Eastern Townships and realized it was because of proximity to Vermont both in landscape and outlook. Vermont holds a special place in my heart and it was fun to find “a piece of Vermont” in Canada. Thanks to all the fine folks at Bishop’s for the warm welcome and hospitality.

I’m in the Montreal airport waiting to fly home for the final push/pull and countdown to Greenland. Taylor, my MUCEP student is working hard on the Go for Greenland Virtual Expedition for Schools curriculum and four schools have already signed up to come along! My new SPOT messenger arrived and the first test went well. I’ll be able to send off camp locations and other spots of note from the trip directly to my blog. Exciting!

PS. Drop me a line if you know of a school that would like to participate!

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