You’re Invited to Go for Greenland!

Preparations for my Go for Greenland expedition are almost complete.  I would love to have you along.

I received a logistics briefing for the first part of the expedition today…it’s getting real and moving into the “Hurry Up and Wait” phase. In 17 hours from now, I begin my travels by flying west to fly east to Toronto. A few hours later, if all flights cooperate, I fly overnight to Iceland arriving the morning of April 12. Later that day, I will meet Simon, one of my teammates arriving from the UK. The next day, the other two teammates, Martin from Germany and Paul from the UK will arrive and our small team will be all together for the first time. Patrik from Sweden will join us halfway through the expedition.

Saturday, April 14, we will fly to Constable Point Airport on the east coast of Greenland. Sunday, April 15, will be a staging day at Constable Point. Monday or Tuesday depending on snow and weather conditions we will be delivered to the Brede Glacier, our expedition starting spot, by either snowmobile or helicopter or both. So… it’s likely we’ll begin skiing in a week or so around April 17. We get picked up in the Watkins Mountains on May 15, hopefully having covered the 250 km in good and safe style having climbed Gunnbjørn Fjeld and a few previously unclimbed peaks along the way.

If all goes according to plan, there will be three expedition dispatches or updates per day: an audio call from me detailing the day’s adventure, a SPOT messenger check-in with map location and GPS coordinates, and a Go for Greenland virtual expedition activity. Currently, we have four schools signed up to participate in the expedition from their classrooms. Any other schools or classrooms that would like to participate are more than welcome. Please email the expedition communications coordinator, Taylor Marsh, by clicking here to let her know you are tagging along. She’ll let me know so I can do a shout out to you from the ice!

So that’s the plan for now…when setting out to a remote location, it’s always good to remember, “life’s short, things change” and what my Oma always says, “What comes, comes.”

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