Worldly Writing Wednesday April 18

Fun Fact of the Day

That the only month in the year in which Greenland’s average temperature is above freezing is July! Brrrrr

Today’s Activity

Everyone has dreams about exploring a new place somewhere in the world, where they can see and do new things they never did before. Some people, like TA, are able to go and explore places that are really cold.  Others like to explore tropical places with rainforests and hot weather. For our first Worldly Writing Wednesday, write about your exploration dreams and where in the world you would like to go and explore! Describe all the different things you would see, the different animals, and what you would do when you first got there.


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2 Responses to Worldly Writing Wednesday April 18

  1. Cynthia Fillier says:

    Hi T.A,
    The grade five class at Beachy Cove elementary are wondering how you are doing with your explorations. Here are some of their questions for you:
    1. Have you seen anything interesting?
    2, Have you seen any animals and what kind?
    3. Are you wearing your bug eye glasses, red rimmed hat and baby butt cream.
    4. How cold is it?

    We wish you all the best. Take care of yourself and stay safe!

  2. Jackie Bessey Grade 4 C.C. Loughlin, Corner Brook says:

    Hi T.A.,
    We are so excited to be following you on your adventure and exploration of Greenland’s mountain peaks, icecaps and yetties too maybe. Sure is cold there as we have been checking the temperatures. We have some questions for you as well as our best wishes.
    1. How big are the mountains compared to Everest?
    2. How thick is the ice?
    3. Any yetties there?!!
    4. Can any plants grow there and have you seen any?
    5. We’ve had polar bears here lately and we’re wondering if you have seen any there?
    Good luck and we’ll be with you on your adventure. Stay safe!!
    Mme. Bessey’s class

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