Fabulous Physical Friday April 20

Fun Fact of the Day

Did you ever see icebergs around Newfoundland and Labrador? Well about 10,000-15,000 icebergs breaks off of Greenland’s glaciers each year!

Today’s Activity

Ski Course

In this activity, a teacher can set up a “ski” obstacle course or the students can set it up themselves with help from the teacher.  Once the course is set up, the students must navigate all around the course in as many ways as possible.  During this entire activity students glide around the course with a piece of paper under their shoes or pieces of carpet or cloth (if you have them).  Stress to the students these are their skis and their feet must not lose contact with their skis at any point.  This allows students to experience a ski like movement indoors with minimal risk of slipping, sliding, or falling over.

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1 Response to Fabulous Physical Friday April 20

  1. truvei says:

    I’ve put a link to your expedition anouncement “Going, Going, Gone to Greenland” on my FB site and asked if anyone would like to follow your journey to do so by following the link. I hope you get lots of encouraging comments, I’ve already received some ‘likes’ and ‘wows’… so people are very interested. I’ll be watching for each post. Take care and happy travelling.

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