Marvelous Map Monday April 23

Fun Fact of the Day 

That Greenland is actually apart of Denmark which is a small country in Northern Europe close to Norway and Sweden!

Today’s Activity

Today our activity is to find how far you live from Gunnbjørn Fjeld, the mountain TA and her team are climbing! If you click here you will be linked to a user friendly website that will help you calculate the distance.  On the website, you simply insert the location in Newfoundland and then Gunnbjørn Fjeld Greenland in the other for the end location. The website will show the results in both kilometers and miles.  See how many kilometers away we all live from Gunnbjørn Fjeld and also think about other places that are this far away from Newfoundland!

Teacher Note: If you do not have time near computers for the whole class today, you can do it as a class activity instead and use the school address as the beginning point.

P.S. Also go check out TA’s Audio Post – Camp #6 and for some cool facts about the map they are using on their Greenland trip

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