Totally Artistic Tuesday April 24

Fun Fact of the Day

Polar Bears are the biggest predator in Greenland

Today’s Activity

There are many animals that have adapted to the arctic climate in Greenland, some live on the land and others in the waters that surround Greenland. Land animals live on the arctic tundra which is a different type of environment that we are use to here in Newfoundland and Labrador. In the arctic tundra tree growth is hindered because of the cold temperatures and also contains bare areas because the ground is frozen for much of the year. Some of the animals that live on the tundra are polar bears, musk oxen, arctic fox, reindeer and different types of birds. In the waters surrounding Greenland, there are many different types of whales and seals! For today’s Totally Artistic Tuesday, draw a picture of the all the animals that habitat Greenland with both animals from the arctic tundra and arctic waters.

If you click the links below you will be sent to some websites with a list of animals that live on and around Greenland along with some information about them.

Link #1
Link #2

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1 Response to Totally Artistic Tuesday April 24

  1. Paul McCarthy says:


    A couple of quick questions from Davis Elementary:

    A) Have you seen the northern lights yet?

    B) Have you seen any other people yet (besides expedition members) on your your trek across the ice field?

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