Terrific Explorations Thursday April 26

Fun Fact of the Day

The brother and sister duo, Sarah and Eric McNair-Landry snow-kited across 2,414 km of Greenland!

Today’s Activity

Fridtjof Nansen – Explored Greenland in 1888

Today for Terrific Exploration Thursday we are going to learn a little about another historic explorer of Greenland, Fridtjof Nansen.  This Norwegian explorer led a team that made the first crossing of the Greenland interior in 1888. Nansen and his team were picked up from north-western Iceland and set sail for Greenland. Once they got to Greenland and started their crossing over inland ice, they struggled with many hidden crevasses in the glacier and the weather was usually bad which stop them from moving forward for days. Because of the time it was taking them to cross the ice, Nansen and his team decided to change to a shorter route across Greenland in order to get to the other side in time for their pick up. It took them 78 days in  total since they left their boat to get to Gofthaab. After getting there and finding out that no boat would be at Gofthaab until the following spring, Fridtjof and his team spent 7 months in Greenland hunting, fishing and learning from the locals.

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2 Responses to Terrific Explorations Thursday April 26

  1. Grade4 HTE says:

    Hi T A. This is Madame Nixon’s Grade 4 class from Holy Trinity elementary. Remember the stormy day , January 31st when you gave us a presentation. Emily Samson wants to know if you are having a great time. Jane Sullivan asks if you have seen a Yeti. We are wondering if you require medical attention for the problem with your foot? from Sara Schimp.
    Victoria asks how many animals you have seen? What was your favorite animal…from Lauren H.
    We have looked at your blog on our classroom Smartboard. We have only estimated the distance from St. John’s to Greenland because the distance calculator did not work. We beleive it is about 3000 kms. perhaps more. We hope to check in again with you tomorrow.

  2. lutherchris says:

    Hi TA and Team. Thanks for the updates, we all enjoy hearing what you are doing each day. Best of luck with the rest of your journey. We were wondering what time do you get up each day and about what time you get to sleep? We guess you fall asleep really fast after a full day trekking. Keep safe and look forward to hearing about your journey.

    Stella Maris 4/5/6 class

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