Fabulous Physical Friday April 27

Fun Fact of the Day

Five different species of seals live in the waters surrounding Greenland! Some common seals there are the ringed seal, the harp seal and the hooded seal

Today’s Activity

Ski and Climb Adventure Story

This is a great activity that is fun and different every time.  This activity has unlimited potential and possibilities and is completely up to the teacher.  Simply enough, the teacher tells a story as the students move around the classroom or gymnasium acting out all the actions in the story.  For this activity, we will have a ski and climbing theme.  With as much description as possible the teacher will take the students on an entire trip having the students pack their bags with essential items, ski uphill, downhill and across level fields, climb mountains, and climb back down, pull a sled, and set up camp.  This activity can get the students as active as the teacher sees fit and is a great way to teach them things like packing bags, dressing in layers, and setting up camp.

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  1. lutherchris says:

    Thanks for the update TA.

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