Marvelous Map Monday April 30

Fun Fact of the Day

The areas that lie by the Arctic Ocean in Greenland are known as the Arctic tundra! And no trees can grow in the tundra because the winters are so long and cold and the summers are cold and short!

Today’s Activity

TA has been to many places all over the world for her expeditions! For your Marvelous Map activity today, do a little research and test out your skills on the website to see if you can figure out all the countries she has been to in her life!
Write back with how many countries you think she has been too and later we’ll get TA to tell you the right answer on an auto post!

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3 Responses to Marvelous Map Monday April 30

  1. lutherchris says:

    Hi TA, interesting info on the techniques to keep your body from getting to warm and sweating. I guess that is really important in conditions in which you are in. Hello from Stella Maris!!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hey T. A,
    Hope you are doing great!! Ben from our class takes a guess at 15 countries. Stacey thinks the right number may be 12. Let us know. Nicholas wants to know what you are thinking about for your next adventure. All the best. Mrs. Kennedy and her Grade Fives from St. Teresa’s.

  3. Paula Coughlan says:

    Hi T A
    Glad to hear things are going well. Thanks for the responses in Saturdays Audiopost about the distance Greenland is from St. John’s…2825 km. Our estimates were close. I will be talking about that to our Gr 4’s at Holy Trinity when I get back to class on Wednesday. …as well as getting the students caught up to your audioposts. Also thanks for the descriptions of the white landscape and blue sky..I can only imagine the Artic Tundra but find the photos of Greenland on some of the webpages I have found remind me a bit of some of the barren places in NL. Ha..we had a snowday today, April 30…everything was white this morning as we made our way to school….the only snow day in April apparently.
    I have one question. Is all of your travel across the terrain by ski?
    Thats all for now
    Paula Coughlan

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