Audio Post – Camp #14

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2 Responses to Audio Post – Camp #14

  1. Heather Courage says:

    HI TA,
    How are you doing? You sound very good on the audio posts. We enjoy hearing from you. Have you seen a polar bear yet? Are you having fun on your exporation? How many more camps do you think you will have before you reach the mountain? It is raining here this morning and 4 degrees. Do you get tired pulling the sled? You must as it is heavy.
    Take care don’t freeze or blow away. We will write again soon.

    Grade 4 class
    Bishop Abraham Elem.
    Heather Courage

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hey T. A,
    We are glad to hear that your adventure is going great!
    A nunatak is an exposed part of a mountain or ridge or peak, which is not covered with snow or ice. Hope you have a great weekend, Stay safe. Mrs Kennedy and Grade Five class at ST. Teresa’s.

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