The Team Summits Ixtaccihuatl!

From the RMI blog today-on the actual page you can hear the phone call…

Posted by: J.J. Justman | October 24, 2012
Categories: *Expedition Dispatches *Mexico
Elevation: 17,340′

Hello RMI blog. This is JJ Justman. I am extremely happy to report that the entire team, 100%, got up Ixta this morning! We actually had an early day. We were on the summit early enough to watch the sunrise. We had just a gorgeous day to climb. Everyone’s doing very, very well. Just was one heck of a team to climb. Lot of fun and I can’t say enough great things about this group. So we are back at camp, we’re going to get some hot drinks and then we’re going to pack up camp. And we’ll be heading to Puebla this evening. So we’re certainly tired, we need a little hydration, a little food, but everyone is doing great. And I would like to pass the phone over to one of our team members they’d like to say something to those of you who are following our blog. Hey guys. This is TA Loeffler calling. Had an amazing morning climbing Ixta this morning with JJ and company. This climb, when you put together the two days of climbing with big loads to high camp and then getting up to the summit. Boy did we see a gorgeous sunrise! Popo in front, sending off a plume. And it’s pretty surreal to get to the top of the 7th highest peak in North America. And I’m just really proud of everyone on the team. Hello to everyone out there in RMI land and it’s great to share a summit with RMI once again.


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