Waiting For Doyle

When filled to the brim with excitement for the new Republic of Doyle Season premiere tonight, what’s a girl to do to manage all that energy?  Go and do the four Signal Hills you promised to Allan Hawco (and 22,000 or so tothers) you would do yesterday…

retweetSo, despite a minus 19 windchill, we headed out to do our training plan of four Signal Hill ascents, and here is our lighthearted way of killing time until tonight…



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4 Responses to Waiting For Doyle

  1. smilecalm says:

    Adventurous! And I thought my bedroom was chilly.

  2. truvei says:

    Finally got a chance to check out this post… absolutely loved the video, in particular, the music for this video. Republic of Doyle was awesome!

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