Peaks and Passes Day 7: April 21

Expedition Itinerary Plan for Day 7:

Following the west side of the Hinku River, we trek via the Yak herders’ summer settlement of Gondishung and its Buddhist shrine to Tagnag (4350m). Camp.

Fun Fact of the Day

A pivotal moment in Nepal’s history was the birth of the Buddha. Prince Siddharta Gautama (563-483 B.C.), of Lumbini, forswore his royal life and devoted himself to spirituality. He became known as the Buddha, or “the enlightened one.”

Today’s Activity

Sherpa Says:

Purpose: To get the students active and used to listening to commands.

Activity Description: Students are to scatter around the general area but close enough that they can hear the directions from the “Sherpa”. When “Sherpa Says” a command the students must do the action. For example “Sherpa Says: Run around the general space”. However to test the attention of your students you may frame a question without the “Sherpa Says” framing to see who does the action. The object of the game is only move when the Sherpa says the command.

Framing of the game could be build around the following guideline. On Mount Everest listening to your Sherpa is very important. Your Sherpa is there to protect you and keep you safe. When I say Sherpa Says you should do the command, when I do not say Sherpa Says you should not, as you should only listen to your Sherpa who is the person who is interested is your safety.

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1 Response to Peaks and Passes Day 7: April 21

  1. truvei says:

    Nothing like having a little fun along the way. Sounds like a children’s game we played – “Simon Says”! Maybe that’s where it came from!! Continue having fun on your way to the top!!

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