Peaks and Passes Day 8: April 22

Expedition Itinerary Plan for Day 8:

A day for acclimatization. We trek up above camp to around 5,000 metres for views across to the Mera La and return to Tagnag. Camp.

Fun Fact of the Day

The National Motto of Nepal is “The Motherland Is Worth More than the Kingdom of Heaven.”

Today’s Activity

Sherpa Tag:

–   Mark off the boundaries of your area

–   One player starts off as ‘sherpa’ (tagger). When a player is tagged they must link up by the arm with the tagger and now they both become taggers (lead by the sherpa).

–   The game continues like this until only one player remains who is the winner. The link can break up at any time (minimum links of 3 people) and can also rejoin at any time.

–   Again, this game replicates traveling in groups following a sherpa, as you would be when climbing Mount Everest.


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