Peaks and Passes Day 9: April 23

Expedition Itinerary Plan for Day 9:

A second acclimatization day at Tagnag. Today is set aside for skills training particularly the techniques required for fixed lines and crevasse rescue. Camp.

Fun Fact of the Day


There are over 100 recognized languages in Nepal. The most commonly used are Nepali (also called Gurkhali or Khaskura), spoken by nearly 60 percent of the population, and Nepal Bhasa (Newari).  According to Nepal’s constitution, all of the national languages can be used as official languages.

Today’s Activity: Slippery Trails

Materials needed: 2 pieces of paper per person

Activity Description:

–  Give each student two sheets of paper.

–  Have students place both sheets on the floor and put one foot firmly on each sheet. Challenge students to move or “ski” around the activity area in different directions, gradually increasing their speed.

What was your favorite part of the activity? What didn’t you like? What was the easiest way to move, fast or slow? Was it safer to bend your knees or keep them straight?


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