Peaks and Passes Day 13: April 27

Expedition Itinerary Plan for Day 13:
A rest and acclimatization day prior to the ascent of Mera Peak. Camp.

Fun Fact of the Day
The Sherpa people are a group of people native to eastern Nepal that live high in the Himalayan Mountains. They have also been helping climbers climb the highest mountains in the world.  Sherpa comes from the words “shar” for east and “pa” for people.

Today’s Activity: Supply Earnings

Purpose: To get students thinking in a quick paced environment. This game is designed to get students to draw upon knowledge in a high pressure race like situation.

Materials Needed: Per group 5 bean bags of 5 different colors.

The object of the game is for students to do mathematical conversions to earn supplies. There is to be five trail lengths which the students must convert to centimeters, meters and kilometers. When they have the correct answer they must run to the teacher with the answer. Each correct answer gives them a corresponding color bean bag. Once all 5 bean bags are collected the group has all the supplies needed to climb Everest.

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1 Response to Peaks and Passes Day 13: April 27

  1. Emma says:

    I love this photo. It is very very nice. Hope you have a safe clime.

    Emma Cole, 403

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