Peaks and Passes Day 17: May 1

Expedition Itinerary Plan for Day 17:

Passing beneath the giant west face of Chamlang we follow the Hongu Khola and finally the Hongu Glacier to the holy site of Panch Pokhri (five lakes). Camp (5400 meters).

Fun Fact of the Day


Everest in the Nepali language is Sagarmatha which means goddess of the sky and it stands at a staggering 8,848 metres (29,029 ft) above sea level.

Today’s Activity: Puzzle Relay (Images)

Materials Needed: Cut outs of images relating to Mountaineering, or Mount Everest, i.e coils of rope, ice pick, flags, helmets, different mountains, etc.

– Each group will have an image which they will have to piece together (the group will not know what their image is before hand)

–  In groups of 4-5, have students lined up (single file behind their pylons)

–  Each group will have a set of puzzle pieces located directly across from them

–  On go, the first person in line will run towards their pieces, and bring back ONE piece.

–  The next person in line will do the same, until each piece has been returned to the group

–  Once all the pieces have been brought back the group can begin trying to put together the puzzle of their image

–  The game does not end until each image has been completed (encourage students to help other groups to finish their puzzles!!!)

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