Peaks and Passes Day 18: May 2

Expedition Itinerary Plan for Day 18:

A rest day. The guides and Sherpas ascend the Amphu Labtsa to establish fixed lines and prepare the pass for tomorrow’s crossing. Camp.

Fun Fact of the Day


Most climbers attempt Everest during April and May.

Today’s Activity: Base Race

  • Mark the boundaries of the area with the hula hoops; 1 hoop in each corner of the gym, and 1 hula hoop in between the 2 corners on the longest side of the gym.
  • Split the class up so that each hoop has an even number of people.
  • The tagger must begin by standing in the center circle of the gym.
  • The person designating as the tagger yells “Get to Base Camp!”  Once this is said, everyone must run to a different hoop.
  • If someone is caught, they become a tagger along with the previous tagger(s).
  • The game ends when everyone is caught.

*This game replicates the different base camps spread throughout different elevations of Mount Everest, which provide shelter and warmth and a place to eat for the climbers.

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