A Geocaching We Will Go…More Adventures to be had in Twillingate

Our afternoon’s intrepid adventure started out from the Anchor Inn and Suites. We set out, smart phones/GPS in hands, ready to treasure hunt/geocache in both the urban and wilds of Twillingate. Bright colours and bright smiles adorned us as we head down the main road looking for our first set of coordinates. Geocaching.com lists 51 geocaches when we search for Twillingate so we thought it best that we get busy trying to find and log some.

We had some early success and here we are logging our first find. One of the joys of geocaching (using GPS coordinates to find hidden caches with log books) is that you get to see lots of fun and interesting sites along the way such as the pooch below.

The restaurant at the Anchor Inn, Georgies, is named after Twillingates’s opera diva, Georgina Stirling. One of the town’s story boards offered the image below of Georgina.

You can see another picture of Georgina at Georgie’s above the mantle in the dining room. We’ve had two fabulous meals at Georgie’s thus far (the Chili and Lime Seafood Pasta and the Orange-Maple Glazed Salmon with roasted root vegetable salad that was wildly divine…see their spring menu here). Geocaching offers the fun of discovery to both young and old, friends and families.

Here Wilma pulls out our second geocache of the day. Anyone with a GPS enabled phone or separate GPS can participate. It’s simple to find geocaches on the website and then head out for the fun of finding them.

Our third geocache had out heading out along a trail near to a local campground and RV park. A short hike got us close to the cache. Marian used the geocaching.com application for her Android phone ($9.95) and we used the compass and map tabs to hone in on the three geocaches we found this afternoon.

Each geocache has a logbook where you can leave a note saying you found the cache and you can both take a treasure from the cache and leave one of your own.

Here Marian contemplates how Georgina Stirling might have used this treasure in her opera costume. Ultimately, Marian decided to leave it for another treasurer hunter to find stating that “pink is not my colour-now if it had blue baubles-we might have a different end”.) OK…she didn’t really say that but I couldn’t resist.

Geocaching in Twillingate provides an excellent way to explore both the towns and coves and woods. We shared many laughs and had fun seeking out our first three (of many) geocaches about T-gate as I like to call it.

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5 Responses to A Geocaching We Will Go…More Adventures to be had in Twillingate

  1. Anonymous says:

    Great job ladies!!!!!!!! My partner and myself love geocaching! When we were in Nepal last Oct and when we finished our trek we went geocaching in Thamel and found a few. Next time we head to the rock will have to check then out!!

  2. truvei says:

    Looks like it was great fun. Thanks for providing some memories of my own visits to Twillingate area. I loved it there.

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