Happy Oma’s Day

A year has passed since Oma’s Independence Day…a year of missing her and appreciating her and wishing I could still call her on the phone for a dear chat and a laugh. Sometimes I couldn’t believe the chats we had and the spirit that flowed from her until right up until the end. We had German wieners and sauerkraut for supper-just like in this picture of Oma with Rayne and Xander. We’ll toast her a bit later with some BOLS Advocaat and tell stories of how she is still within us. I miss her so much and the past 12 months have been tough without her. I feel something lifting the past few days and I know she would want me to keep on keeping on and so I do. I honour her legacy by trying to live and give and love as she would. Miss you Oma!

Happy Oma’s Day to you-hope you’re having fun playing practical jokes and handing out hugs to all wherever your spirit has gone to…I am to grateful that you were/will always be my Oma.

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