What’s TA Climbing Next IV? Clue #2

I have two climbing objectives for the fall. Manaslu didn’t work out because I wasn’t able to train hard enough while teaching so much this summer so I’ve chosen two other peaks instead…one in late September and one in late November. We’ve had fun guessing the last few times before climbs, I thought I would offer up the picture clue peak guessing game again this time.

Please enter your guess(es) on my blog/website (it is so satisfying to see the graph with site visits go up). If you list a guess on Facebook-please also place it on the blog. Two guess max per person per day…we don’t want this thing over tomorrow! The photo above is your first clue…Mona, Paula, Heather et al get your fingers ready, on your mark, get set, guess! A guess must list both climbs…peak detectives start your engines!

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6 Responses to What’s TA Climbing Next IV? Clue #2

  1. Carla Quirke says:

    Could one be the black mountain in Colorado? Black jacket with the buff from your trip to the Grand Caynon, Black hat from Mount Everest, and black beetles.

  2. Carla Quirke says:

    Here’s my first guess today could it be the black mesa peak on the Colorada border?

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