Mountains of Morocco Expedition Intro

Thanks to all who participated in “What’s TA Climbing Next IV?” Using your peak detective skills, you deciphered my cryptic visual clues to what I am climbing this fall. This adventure will take me to a new country, Morocco, a new mountain range, The High Atlas, and into many new experiences and cultures along the way.

We will depart St. John’s in mid September for Marrakesh, Morocco. It will take about 24 hours of travel and stopovers in two countries along the way (USA and Switzerland) to get there. We will meet our expedition teammates there on September 21 and there is a strong contingent from Newfoundland and Labrador.

The first peak we will climb is Ighil M’Goun (4071 metres, 13,356 ft), the fourth highest peak in Morocco. This climb will provide some acclimatization and get our legs used to long days of trekking. Next, we’ll head to Jbel Toubkal 4167 metres, 13,671 ft) and touch the roof of North Africa. Following this, we’ll head to the Atlantic coast of Morocco for four days of coastal trekking.

Morocco has been on my wish list for several years and I look forward to getting back on the African continent, climbing with friends, and learning lots about a new place. There will be a school curriculum delivered during the expedition and we will send audio updates out each day so folks can follow along.

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