“In Training”

For the past week, I am have been “in training.” It was a good week. Nicely physical. Decently busy. Challenging in the good kind of way. I put in about 18 hours worth…some strength training, some cardio, some hikes, some carrying of barrels :-), in other words a good mix. I was pleasantly surprised to learn how a summer of canoeing has strengthened me in all kinds of ways.

As I started week two today, I’ve been reflecting on what it means to be “in training” and what it changes to be “in training”. For me, being “in training”, ups the ante. It gets me to show up to all (or almost all scheduled training events) despite most obstacles (weather, busy schedule, lack of sleep, etc.). It helps me take my preparation more seriously…I log my sessions, put on my heart rate monitor, pay close attention to progress, etc…overall it creates a deeper commitment to the process. “In training,” I tend to eat better, sleep better, inhabit my body more, and generally feel more focused in all parts of my life. Sounds pretty good…

The key, I guess, is discipline. Exerting myself in a self-directed way. Some how, choosing to be “in training” makes it easier to exercise my discipline muscle. I am reminded of my Buddhist teacher Moh’s definition of discipline…”gentle bravery.” And that is how I aim, now, to be “in training”…with gentle bravery…living up to my expectations of myself in terms of physical and mental challenges/activities I’ve set for myself while also having gentleness and awareness/mindfulness for fatigue, fun, and spontaneity. I want “in training” to be a container that supports my goals and objectives without becoming a rigid and unyielding state of being. So, it appears that I have goals that being “in training” will help me meet as well as goals for how to be “in training.”

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