“Strong Like Bull”

This is a captured still from my Go Pro camera on one of the hundred (at least) of portages I’ve done this summer…I love the sense of being able to put the canoe up and go!

One of my dad’s favourite expressions was “strong like bull” He used this to describe strong flavours, strong materials, and strong people. He always believed in my strength and frequently said, “You are strong like bull.” This past week, training week two, I felt strong like a bull. I continued to set personal bests and felt like my mountain athlete training program was easier than ever before.

I think both this absolute strength and sense of strength has come from our summer of 50, no 70, no 80…likely 100 ponds. I’ll be writing more on this canoe project in other blog posts but I can see, now that I’m back in training, that a summer of paddling and portaging has me feeling great in and about my body. I found myself looking forward to the challenge of each training session and excited to be seeing/experiencing/recognizing/celebrating gains in strength and fitness.

Training is fun again. This is a relief since I’d come through a period where it wasn’t fun, it wasn’t exciting, and it wasn’t something I looked forward to…I’d likely plateaued and the canoe summer seems to have pushed me past that flat spot onto a slope where gains are possible once again. So, I’m heading into week three with the three F’s keeping me company: fun, focused, and fabulous.

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