“Worked Capacity”

My training program currently has three kinds of work-outs: strength, endurance, and work capacity. Today was work capacity or as I now feel, “worked capacity.” The goal of a work capacity workout is to increase one’s capacity to work. I once had a swim coach who said, “If you want to swim faster, swim faster.” The corollary to today is “If I want to have more capacity to work hard, I have to work harder. And work harder, I did.

Sand-bag get-ups often show up on work capacity days, which at least for these first three weeks, has been on Tuesdays. Small graces. Early enough in the week to still have energy and near enough to hump day to work hard. 40 pound sand bag. 10 minutes. Held onto one shoulder. Go down to the mat. Get up any way you can. Go down to the mat. Get up. Go down to the mat. get up. Go down to the mat…etc. I’d hoped to set a PB but wasn’t sure if I could do that for the third week in a row. I went out fast.

“Too fast, you’ve gone out too fast,” I thought to myself. I already felt worked at 25…one third of the way to a new record for me.

“Oh oh,” I declared to the empty field house.

“Keep on keeping on and don’t look at the time,” I say to myself.

Up. Down. Up. Down. 50! Change shoulders.

Breathing hard. Wondering how much time. Up. Down. Getting up is getting harder. Much harder. 55!

The temptation to sit on the mat and catch my breath is ever tempting.

60! Up. Down. Up. Down. Up. Down. Up. Down. Up. Down. 65! Change shoulders. Up. Down. Up. Down. Up. Down. Up. Down. Up. Down. 70!

“Five more, you need five more,” I implore. 75! Steal a glance at the watch. Still more time. Coax my body to move.






I drop the bag on the mat and the beeper goes and I collapse in a worked heap. 3200 collective pounds of get-ups. Smile. Momentary celebration. Rest 5 minutes. On to the next part of the workout.

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