Mountains of Morocco: Happy Adventure Eve

This was early last evening…

This was mid evening…

This was the end result…

The bags are packed for Morocco. Happy Adventure Eve. We’re ready to go after seemingly endless to-do lists (why is it that everything left undone for the past several months suddenly needs to be done right before we go?).

I had a great visit yesterday at Bishop Abraham School with a fresh group of grade Four Explorers who will be virtually coming along on the expedition. There will be a daily “Did you Know” post, a SPOT location post, and an audio update post to the website (technology willing). It was fun to field all of their questions about all aspects of being an explorer. You are also invited along to learn and share our trip and please feel free to invite others to come along as well.

There are eight folks coming from Newfoundland and Labrador and one from the United States. We’ll be trekking and climbing in the High Atlas mountains of Morocco. After climbing the 4th and 1st highest peaks of Morocco, we’re headed to the Atlantic coast for some trekking there. I was so excited today to learn we’ll have camel support for the coastal trekking piece. I’ve ridden a camel once before but haven’t spent a great deal of time with them.

We fly tomorrow via New York City and Zurich, Switzerland to Marrakech where we will all meet up and head out to the mountains. Bon voyage to the team and happy Adventure Eve to all! more to come once we reach Morocco or perhaps from some spots along the way!

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