This Trip is Brought to You by the Letter M

This trip is being brought to you by the letter M. Marian, Mike, Morocco, Marrakech and mint tea are our M words for today. After a long 24 hours of traveling we got settled into our hotel which is called a Riad, a former house that is organized around the garden so there’s much tile: tile on the floor, tile on the staircases, tile in the bathrooms and a wonderful plants to enjoy while you’re sitting out on almost every level. Currently we’re sitting relaxing after a big day. We’re up on the rooftop and enjoying the view of the local mosque, blue sky, and we even have palm trees. We have heard the call to prayer twice already and found ourselves “swimming” upstream against the flow of men leaving the nearby mosque earlier today. We spent much of the after exploring the labyrinth-like alley ways of the souks in the Medina. Off to hit the shower and early to bed to time the pump for more exploring tomorrow.

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