Mountains Of Morocco: Day 14

The morning is free to enjoy the beach or the souk and after lunch we will head back to Marrakech to celebrate the end of our expedition.

DO YOU KNOW: The Marrakech Agreement, manifested by the Marrakech Declaration, was an agreement signed in Marrakech, Morocco, on 15th April 1994. What was established in that agreement?

ANSWER: The World Trade Organization

DID YOU KNOW: The Atlas Mountains was once home to the Africa’s only bear. The Atlas Bear, Ursus arctos crowtheri, was the only African bear to survive in modern times. Unfortunately it was hunted into extinction by the 1870s. Romans once used the bear for damnatio ad bestias, which translates to “condemnation to beasts”. It was a form of capital punishment in which the condemned were maimed by the bears on the circus arena or thrown into a cage with the animals.

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