Loca-venturing: Snowshoeing the Old DND Fence in Pippy Park

Local = adjective: belonging or relating to a particular area or neighbourhood

Adventuring = verb: engage in hazardous and exciting activity, esp. the exploration of unknown territory.

Loca-Venturing = verb: combination of local + adventuring To explore unknown territory in your local neighbourhood

Question of the Day: Can we snowshoe the perimeter of the old DND fence in Pippy Park?

On our last day of holiday vacation (a.k.a. yesterday), after a big rain and hard freeze, we thought we had perfect conditions to try to answer the Question of the Day. Could we snowshoe the entire perimeter of the old DND fence in Pippy Park or would we be stopped by deep snow, thick brush, super cold wind chill, or yetis. We didn’t know but there was only one way to find out. Set out!

On parts of the fence line, everything has been stripped away except the fence posts. Snow here was pretty decent. Only minor sinking. Wind was pretty chilly since the trees were quite widespread.

This part of the fence was almost buried by the snow and was easy to cross from side to side despite all of the fencing material still being in place. Snow was firm (thank goodness given how deep it was here).

The first corner we reached. Snow, as you can see, was quite deep and challenging to move through (rather than over).

Big decision point…do we travel on the inside or the outside of the fence on this leg?

Old sign along the way.

Very little barbed wire was left-it used to run along the top of the chain-link portion of the fence.

Snow bridge over a small creek…Second Question of the Day: Would it hold as we passed over or would we be dropped into the water? Answer: It held.

Celebrating the second corner having just past Parker’s Pond.

The gate on Parker’s Pond Road marking the entrance to the DND area.

Short leg to the no quite square corner…who knew?

This leg was into the wind. We had to bundle up to stay warm and avoid frost nip on our faces due to the wind chill.

One bog covered snowshoe. I dropped into the snow/bog down to my waist. When the extrication was done, some bog was delivered to the light of a winter’s day.

A few trees had blown down on this leg of the fence making for some interesting moves in the snowshoes.

Hanging out at Corner Three. The item I’m hanging from used to hold the barbed wire.

Marian’s interesting move along the fence to cross a small creek. A snow squall had just started.

Snack time a.k.a. lunch is always a fun (and important) part of loca-venturing. We had this picnic in our little sil-nylon ski shelter because of the brisk cold wind that was blowing-even in the trees. The shelter blocks the wind and it gets quite steamy in there. In winter, it’s important to keep calorie stores up because our bodies are expending much energy just keeping us warm (not to mention all the post holing in the snowshoes).

Ir’s all about the snack.

All bundled up in my 100th Anniversary of Reaching the South Pole Buff (a gift I received from ANI when I climbed Mount Vinson). It was going to be cold when we got out from under the shelter.

The fourth and last corner…still bundled up and trying to gain back warmth after the lunch stop.

The final leg had the most blow-downs to sort out how to get over/under/around.

This one was an under!

gps track-24Our GPS track! I love this technology. Coming home and loading the track and re-living where we’d been brings back all the memories back and the red line makes all the effort and exertion worthwhile. All in all a very successful loca-venture and indeed, the answer is…”A resounding yes! The fence does go!”

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