Great Big Preparations for the Great Big Walk

As I type this, the kettle just boiled and Marian just flipped another page of our Great Himalaya Trail book. She’s been reading it as I’ve been working on the map above. We’ve been documenting/learning about our route through a combination of books, websites, Google Map making, spreadsheets, and itineraries. Each day, we try to take a thing or two off the to-do list.

Tonight I packed the med kit with resupplies-it’s always a challenge to estimate what and how much we might need. We hope we manage to stay well but we want to be prepared for all of the common minor and major illnesses that can come up on a long, remote trek through the high Himalaya. I was reminded of this earlier this week when, while cutting an onion with our awesome new knife we got for Christmas, I lopped off a chunk off the top of my left ring finger. In a flash, my entire week changed. Lots of blood, pain, and most importantly, I missed two hockey games. I’ve been taking good care of the wound and it seems on the road to healing (and I hope to construct some protective device for it so I can get back to hockey). A similar cut could spell the end of an expedition as healing at high altitude is very difficult. So, I’m thankful it happened now, and it will make me much more mindful around knives for months to come. I also threw a few extra band aids in the med kit.

I’ve been testing a “FitBit” as a way to measure steps for the Great Big Walk. Testing was going terrificly with a record number of steps on Saturday of nearly 27,000 on a training hike. One of the only things I’d read in reviews of FitBits were they were easy to lose. I’d planning to give my a leash/lanyard before heading off to Nepal with it. Unfortunately, shortly after 7:15 pm last night, my lime green FitBit has gone missing in action-fortunately, I think it’s somewhere in the house since it had last synced at 7:14 pm. I was having fun testing it out and watching my reactions to the numbers it was recording as well as noticing that sometimes I was parking the car as far away as I could just to bump up my step numbers. I hope we find it soon.

We’re managing to get some training in around our busy work schedules and find it hard to believe that in four weeks the preparation will be all done and we’ll be sitting on a plane bound for Kathmandu. Fortunately, packing for expeditions in Nepal feels familiar and a bit like going home. I am so looking forward to sending day after day walking through incredible landscapes.

Time to go make that tea and hit the hay, morning comes early around here. Four weeks and counting…

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