21 Sleeps, 16 Hockey Games, and 6 Home-cooked Meals…the Countdowns Have Begin

As is the case with most expeditions, there comes a time where the countdowns begin. My injured finger has finally allowed me to return to hockey and so I decided to count how many games remain in this season…16! Of course, this led to more counting:
Number of sleeps until departure: 21.
Number of open weekends before departure: 1.
Number of steps taken today: 13,671.
Items still left on the to-do list: 56.
Classes left to teach: 10.
Papers/assignments/exams left to grade: 164.
Student quinzhees left to be built: 5.
Packages left to arrive from MEC: 3.
New prussiks to make: 4.
Number of Signal Hills still left to be climbed: 27.
Number of Schools to visit before departure: 3.
Thesis to read: 3.
Haircuts to get: 2.
Fitbits to find: 1.
Packing weight to hit: 15 kg.
Boots, coats, and pants to waterproof: 8
Curriculum entries to edit and enter: 65.
Number of pre-cooked meal remaining in the freezer: 6.
Great Big Training Walks: As many as we can fit in.
Number of kilometres we’ll walk along the Great Himalaya Trail: 600.
Number of mountain passes we’ll cross: 15.
Number of folks to walk along with us virtually: As many as we can invite/find/cajole/recruit…you are wanted!

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