Five Things I’m Looking Forward To on The Great Big Walk

1) Seeing lots and lots of prayer flags. Prayer flags are flown on high passes, on summits and around stupas and other holy places in Nepal. The different colours represent the different elements. The flags have prayers/intentions printed on them and when the wind blows, the prayers are released. Since we are crossing 15 high mountain passes, we’ll likely see prayer flags there. It’s often tradition to add new prayer flags to passes as you pass through.

2) Sleeping in a tent for over sixty nights. This will likely be the most number of consecutive nights I’ve ever spent sleeping in a tent! I love how sleeping out sets your daily rhythm with waking with the sun and go to sleep with the dark.

3) Seeing incredible mountain vistas every day. Spending 65 days traversing the high Himalaya will yield magnificent view after magnificent view.

4) Crossing 15 High Mountain passes. Some of the passes will be trek-able but many will require technical equipment and glacier travel techniques. I’m looking forward to polishing my technical travel skills.

5) The Rhododendrons. The hillsides of Nepal spark alive with the blazing colours of rhododendrons blooming in spring. They bloom at different times depending on elevation. I look forward to being totally enthralled by their beauty and colour.

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