Great Big Walk: Not Quite There, Not Quite Here

It’s an awkward place. Not quite there. Not quite here. In between. Here. And. There. Preparations coming fast and furious while concluding and finishing happens simultaneously. How much yogurt do we need to finish off? Will we eat that big bag of grapefruit before we go? What will I put on my I’m away email message? Seven more hockey games…

Closing one life and opening another. All of the same life really but they feel right now as two parts competing for my heart and mind. A good time to practice dropping the duality and be both here and there. Home and away. Working and playing. Inside and out. Nine days until we leave, 11 days until we arrive.

Excitement waits under an icy skiff of overwhelm at the process of putting my YYT life to bed/hibernation once more. I’m eager to walk. I’m eager to walk day after day and with that walking with come time to think and reflect and meditate. I’m eager to walk and share that walk with you. Now, back to that list of closing and opening…

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