Kathmandu Things I’m Looking Forward to on the Great Big Walk

These are a few of my favourite things about Kathamndu…we’ll be there in ten days!

1) Landing in Kathamndu and heading down to the Nargila for a fresh lemon soda and a plate of hummus! (Fresh lemon soda is fresh lemon juice mixed with soda water-it’s very refreshing).

2) Lighting a butter lamp for good luck at the beginning of our great big journey.

3) Seeing all of the colourful chaos of Kathmandu, its bustling traffic and crowded streets, and I will cheer when I first see a cow taking up residence in the middle of the road.

4) Circumambulating the Boudhanath Stupa while spinning the prayer wheels setting an intention for a Great Big Walk filled with learning, wondrous beauty, challenging adventures, good company, and safe return.

5) Seeing all the prayer flags at Boudhanath stupa. The Tibetan New Year was not long ago so the stupa will have many, many strands of prayer flags flying. It is the year of the horse and some pilgrimage acts receive extra credit because of the auspicious year. I love prayer flags and I often find peace and clarity when I am in their presence. I look forward to seeing them often on the Great Big Walk.

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2 Responses to Kathmandu Things I’m Looking Forward to on the Great Big Walk

  1. Jill Upton says:

    Soooo excited for you and very jealous. Happy that you are sharing it with us! Jill

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