Great Big Walk: Lazy Day in KTM

We’ve begun! Tonight we met our two teammates, Ray and Carmelina at our trip briefing. We women are all Canadian and Ray is Australian.

We lazed about today only making 5461 steps because a thunder shower changed a plan away from an afternoon walk. Raj’s Reno project is going very well and lunch at MomoTarou was a welcome and familiar ritual. We changed hotels and met back up with our monster bags. Tomorrow we have gear check and will have to finalize such decisions.

I love the “no horn” signs here in Kathmandu as it appears as though no one obeys them. Horns seemed to be used as often as signal lights. “Watch out I am here” is the predominant message of the horn as opposed to “you #%^*^%•”. Even tucked away from the Main Street and seven floors up, I can hear such driver punctuation regularly.

I’ll close for now since we’re up early for gear check. Looking forward to tomorrow’s visit to Boddhinath because the stupa should be adorned in all new prayer flags for the Tibetan New Year, Losar. Tomorrow begins the year of the Wood Horse.

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2 Responses to Great Big Walk: Lazy Day in KTM

  1. Joan Andrews says:

    Enjoying all of your posts,your trip has me back at the gym and getting healthier. Stay safe and have a wonderful walk. Joan Andrews

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