Great Big Walk: Going East Soon (i.e. tomorrow)

We had an excellent day touring some of the famous spots of Kathamandu, including my favourite, Boudhanath Stupa. The stupa is the second largest in the world and the largest in Nepal. The stupa was alive with many folks celebrating Losar and as you can see, there were many brand new prayer flags flying from the stupa. A stupa is a sacred spot where the relics of enlightened beings are interned.

We spent the afternoon in last minute errands and packing. Everything that is going is packed in the two “go bags” and everything that is staying is in the one “stay bag.” Glad to have all that decision-making done. In trying to test the satellite phone over the past few days, we’ve been having trouble getting SAT registration. I’m hoping it is because we didn’t have enough of sky view here in the city. So time will tell-we’re trying hard to trouble shoot the problem-and once we get out of the city tomorrow, I hope all will be right…

In the meantime though, it means that folks can’t text the phone and we can’t make audio updates. I’m hoping to still get SPOT location update out and there will be a daily update that I pre-posted. There will also be occasional posts by the team at the World Ex GHT blog so if all else fails you can catch up with us there. It’s been two days of festivals here so we may have run out of time to solve the problem. Stay tuned…

We are psyched to start walking though we still have two days of driving long windy roads and a short flight tomorrow to get to our starting point…and then two weeks of walking to get to the official start of the Great Himalaya Trail. We walked 19520 steps today…I invite you all to join our Great Big Walk Walking Group and walk along with us. Tomorrow we hope to be in Ilim-this is the region where most of the tea in Nepal is grown. I’ve never seen tea growing so I cam excited to learn all about it. Here’s hoping to sharing that learning with all of you tomorrow!

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2 Responses to Great Big Walk: Going East Soon (i.e. tomorrow)

  1. Trudy Veitch says:

    I’ll be following along.. and I’ve joined the group!!! Wishing you the very best.

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