Great Big Drive 2

Epic drive today in the TATA mobile.

Here you can see how close the other oncoming traffic has to pass.

The slightly less Trudy stead needed several stops for banging, hammering, and other assorted mechanical manifestations.

Hairpin warning sign. We must have have survived over 300 hairpin turns. We travelled about 120 km in about seven hours. Lots of epic drop-offs and airy space. No soft shoulders to worry about since there was often little or no shoulder…just a “quick way to the almighty river” for a mis-turn.

Thanks to our driving crew we arrived here safely with only sore bums to show for it.

Tomorrow we start walking for real. Today I managed just 5444 steps and Marian 5113. We had a short stroll at lunch.

The good news is that the sat phone is now working so audio updates are now possible. Pictures will stop when we run out of cellular. Could someone who has the instructions, please text the sat phone so we can test that function as well. I”ll close this before I lose the connection.

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