Great Big Walk Day 4: Drive to Taplejung (1820m)

Drive to Taplejung (1820m).
Today we plan to drive to Taplejung. Flights can sometimes be delayed due to mountain weather and so flexibility and patience may be required. The Kanchenjunga region is home to Sherpa, Limbu, Rai and Gurung people.  Taplejung is the gateway to the Kanchenjunga region and a lively place, especially for the Saturday market.  The drive will take approximately five hours depending on road conditions.

Quote for the Day

Home is everything you can walk to.
Jerry Spinelli 

Did You Know?

Nepal has the highest point on Earth in Mount Everest.

Find Your Fit Fact

Heart disease and stroke are some of the biggest killers today. Walking just 30 to 60 minutes helps reduce the risk of both of these.

Activity Suggestion: Mission Possible

Outcome: This activity can be used to enhance problem solving ability and promote creative thinking. This activity also explains some of the issues that can be encountered when walking across Nepal.

Materials: Whatever equipment that is available. Preferably items that are safe to step or sit on. Some examples would include poly spots, scooters, ropes, mats, etc.

Setup: Different equipment can be scattered around in a line from one side of the gymnasium to the other.

Rules and procedures: Students are to pretend that they are trekking across Nepal and arrive at a crevasse on a glacier near a high mountain pass. Each team member has to get across the crevasse in order to continue walking across the Great Himalaya Trail. Students are asked to get their team across the “glacier’s crevasse” without falling off of the equipment which would symbolize stepping on ice and falling to the bottom of a mountain. Once all students make their way across the gymnasium, the game can be repeated as a cooperative game where students record the time it takes them to get across the gymnasium in a faster time than the previous trial. Once each group has had success at the activity, there can be one competitive activity where each group of students tries to race the other groups across.

This is a map of our entire Great Big Walk Route

This is a map of our entire Great Big Walk Route

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