Great Big Walk Audio Update Day #5

“Hey this is TA calling in from Mitlung, Nepal. Thanks for listening! First off, I just wanted to start by thanking the Memorial University of Newfoundland offices Engagement for making these audio updates possible, and also thanks to my communications team for their support in bringing these updates to you in written form and with nice titles. Our first walk day of the Great Big Walk was today, we did about 9 km, 18 747 steps for me, 17 075 steps for Marian. We’re figuring she must have a bigger stride then I do. And I asked our leader Jedi to translate Great Big Walk into Nepali. So here’s my attempt and I apologize to all the Nepali speakers out there. Which sort of translates to, “large, huge, difficult trek.”

“So it was great to take our first steps today, and I want to introduce you to Elaichi, Cardamom. As we desecded from Taplejung today we passed through several hillsides of Carlum plants, shaded by large trees. It was explained that these Cardamom plants were a big success to this area for two reasons. The Cardamom provides a cash crop for locals to sell and the big trees that are used for shading the Cardamoms stabilize the slopes and help prevent landslides and keeps the trees from being cut. So it seems like a pretty win-win. We also passed through several Terraced fields that have been recently planted with rice and wheat, and we heard that in good years this area could actually get three crops in a year from their land. Our first walk has taken us here to the village of Mitlung, and we’re camped beside a Terraced field. Earlier today a cow was providing direct fertilization right behind our tent.”

“Our walk today took about three hours, leaving time for some relaxation, some organization time, and to meet our Nepali crew. We learned each members name, his home village, and his experience in the trekking field. Our goal these days for Marian and I, is we want to try and learn five new Nepali words each day. So today we learned to say, “How are you?”, and “I’m fine”. Much to the light to some of the school children who walked along with us, I think we probably have a long way in learning our alphabet pronunciations. We’re camped at an elevation of 921 meters tonight, which means that it was quite hot and we were glad to finish walking before mid-day. Thanks Lou for the text, glad for the info, keep us posted as the plans evolve, and I want to say a big hello to all the schools who are following along from Newfoundland and Labrador on the Great Big Walk. Hope everyone got out for a walk themselves today and we will catch you tomorrow from further up the trail. Thanks and take care, bye.”

Total Steps for TA: 18 747

Total Steps for Marian: 17 075

Running total for TA: 24 191 steps

Running total for Marian: 22 188 steps

Great Big Walk acknowledges the support of the Memorial University of Newfoundland

Quick Start Fund for Public Engagement in making these updates from the field


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