Great Big Walk Audio Update Day #6

“Hey this is TA calling in from day 6 of the Great Big Walk. We are in the village of Chiruwa at an elevation of 1286 meters and we had a great big walk today. I had 25,258 steps and Marian has 23,826 and we covered somewhere between 15 and 16km and it’s a pretty cool day. We started to gain some elevation, so in advance of Find Your Fit Friday tomorrow we are going to celebrate a new record on our fitbit of 233 floors that we climbed today. The fitbit will measure in equivalency of floors and the most either of us had done before today was about 110 floors. So 233 was pretty darn exciting, so yay for finding our fit on the stairs today! We followed the Taymo nati and nati is a Nepali geographic term for big rivers. So I had been familiar with the word khola or kosi for river. Sometimes it’s kosi sometimes it’s khola and we learned nati today and nati is a big river. Tomorrow we will walk by the gunsa khola and that is a smaller river that leads to a nati. So we are starting to explore some different geography terms in Nepali and learning that. We also got a notebook today in the village of Tawa and that was a fun village because it’s spelt T-A-W-A. So I’m always excited about things with TA in them. I was using up my journal too quickly with my Nepali exercises. Judah, our leader, is currently teaching us the Nepali alphabet which has 36 letters for us to learn.”

“I want to say a big hello to the grade 4’s at Bishop Abraham School in St. John’s, Newfoundland & Labrador. I know you often like to hear about what we’re eating when I’m away on expedition, so today we had porridge, pancakes and a fried egg as well as curried potatoes for breakfast with hot drinks. For lunch we had chapati which is a homemade flatbread we had cheese and we had sort of a warm tuna in a yummy kind of a sauce. We had some broccoli as well as some salad and for dinner last night we had some fried chicken, we had curried cauliflower, some more salad and best of all and one of my favorites, we had momo with sauce. If you look back in the blog a couple of days ago, you will see a picture of a momo lesson we got. You can see what we’re talking about. They are basically like little perogies or little dumplings and I’m quite fond of momos. One of my nicknames once was momo girl because I liked momos so much. And we had Apples for dessert.”

“I wanted to give a reminder that if you had questions you wanted to ask of us or things you wanted to know you can put comments under this entry on the website and my comm team will text them into me. Speaking of which, I got a text today with some great news from a friend so congratulations Karen on the big award. I am pretty excited to hear that, congratulations to you. And I can’t wait to see you in Tennessee.”

“And we passed through a couple of villages today or many villages today and it’s definitely
spring here. It’s like going through lots of little micro-farms with lots of cute baby animals these days, with goat kids that were only a couple of days old and lots and lots of chicks. And we saw a water buffalo baby and I’m not sure what a water buffalo baby is called. Is it called a calf? So if someone wants to find out that information for us and put it in the comments section, it will get texted in and we will know what to call a water buffalo baby. I saw a few calves and in one little pool of water we saw a tadpole. So even the baby frogs are starting to come on out here in the spring. So great day here, day 6 on the great big walk and we hope you’re out there finding your walk, finding your fit and finding some time to walk on with us. A reminder that you can also join our great big walk website and walk along and record your steps along with us. Information for that is on the website. So have a great day and we will catch you all tomorrow. Thanks, bye!”

Total Steps for TA: 25,258

Total Steps for Marian: 23, 826

Great Big Walk acknowledges the support of the Memorial University of Newfoundland

Quick Start Fund for Public Engagement in making these updates from the field


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2 Responses to Great Big Walk Audio Update Day #6

  1. Ray Kopcinski says:

    Hi TA,
    Been enjoying your posts. A water buffalo baby is called a calf. All the best…Ray Kopcinski

  2. Jill Upton says:

    Enjoying your updates. You mentioned Tennessee- just wondered if it is a private visit or a public event? Fairly close to me – would try to attend, depending on where in TN it would be.

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