Great Big Walk Audio Update Day #7

“Hey this is TA calling in from day 7 on the great big walk and it is find your fit Friday. So hopefully you’re finding a way to find your fit. The most important thing about finding your fit is that it fits. Whatever physical activity you do, any increase in physical activity has health benefits so finding something that you enjoy and something that fits.

We actually had a very enjoyable walk today here. I had 20,879 steps and a 197 floors. Marian had 19,693 steps and 201 floors. We thought it would be great to have a Find Your Fit Friday floor guessing contest. So we are interested in having you guess what is the highest number of floors that we are going to climb in one day over our entire great big walk. Whoever is closest without going over will win a prize from Nepal. So put your guesses in the comments section of this post to play and to enter what will be the biggest number of floors. You’ve had two of our days’ floors so you’ll have to make a guess for find your fit Friday. We’ve been having a great few days of walking a great trekking route that has a pretty gentle start. We’re making our way slowly up the altitude. Taking lots of frequent breaks and taking it pretty easy, trying not to breathe too hard and in some ways that’s like starting a fitness program at first. It’s important not to go too fast too quickly or too hard too quickly when you’re first getting started. It can be easy when you’re still eager but its always good to sort of ease in, go slow, build up your strength and go from there.

I wanted to say a big hello to the grade 4’s and grade 5’s at C.C. Loughlin school in Corner Brook. I know that the grade 4’s are studying explorers and exploring and the grade 5’s are studying longitudes and latitudes. We spent a lot of time today walking through pine forest and also saw several saw mills. The saw mills were actually hand powered, so it’s a large saw with one man standing up on the platform and the other person standing below and what was pretty cool last summer when I visited (inaudible) in Newfoundland, I saw a same kind of lumber mill there. So there is a neat connection, before we had big electric powered saw mills in Newfoundland we cut lumber the same way they are still cutting lumber in this region in Nepal today. We spent much of the day walking beside the (inaudible) nati again. A big river and it was lovely to hear the sound of the water flowing all day. We made a turn right near the end of the day to join the gunsa khola, so we will be heading up towards the village called gunsa. That’s this river’s name. And in trying to understand the difference between a khola and a kosi, they are actually quite the same but they are different regional names for rivers.

In the far west, they also use the name gandaki. So a nati is a big river, a kosi or a khola are medium sized rivers and gandaki get’s used in western Nepal. Another interesting thing that we saw today was some folks thrashing millets. So they were taking the chaff out by first beating it then sweeping across it to release the millet seeds that will then be dried and stored and eaten through the rest of the year. So a very enjoyable pleasant find your fit Friday here. We’re building up our strength. Just a little bit of soreness in my muscles here today but I can definitely tell that each day I am getting a little bit stronger. Appreciating the more slower, gentle start to this trek and knowing that as each day as we walk, we get stronger and fitter as we go. So hope you had a great find your fit friday and we will catch from Saturday tomorrow. Take care. Bye!”

Total Steps for TA: 20.879

Total Steps for Marian: 19,693

Great Big Walk acknowledges the support of the Memorial University of Newfoundland

Quick Start Fund for Public Engagement in making these updates from the field


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