It’s Find Your Fit Friday on the Great Big Walk Day 7: To Sukathum (1576m)

Happy Find Your Fit Friday to ALL!  TA is the ambassador for  Recreation Newfoundland and Labrador's Find Your Fit Campaign.  How are you finding your fit?

Happy Find Your Fit Friday to ALL!
TA is the ambassador for Recreation Newfoundland and Labrador’s Find Your Fit Campaign.
How You Found Your Fit?

Find Your Fit!

Find Your Fit! is a provincial physical activity promotions/communications campaign designed to get individuals motivated and moving towards healthy, active living.  The Find Your Fit! website is an excellent resource for physical activity throughout the lifespan.  You are also invited to join the Great Big Walk on the Walkabout Website if you would like to log your steps along with us.  Walking is an excellent and simple way to find your fit.

Today We Walk To Sukathum (1576m)
The stage from Chiruwa to Sukathum passes through varied landscapes such as cardamom fields and dense forests. This area does experience landslides and we will need to check in with the National Park check post before Taplechok before proceeding, if there have been recent landslides we may need to take an alternative trail.  The walk will take approximately six hours.

Quote for the Day

If you seek creative ideas go walking. Angels whisper to those who go for a walk.
Raymond I. Myers

Did You Know?

Namaste means I salute the God in you. The same greeting is also used in neighbouring India.

Find Your Fit Fact

It’s easy to start reaping the benefits of walking today. All you need are a pair of comfortable shoes and you’re on your way. You can walk outdoors, indoors or on a treadmill to get started. Walking is the most natural thing in the world but is often overlooked as a path to fitness.

Memorial University of Newfoundland School of Human Kinetics and Recreation Research Moment

This is a current research project underway from the Laboratories of Dr. Linda Rohr and Dr. Jeanette Byrne.  Please contact Dr. Rohr for more information.

Physical literacy is the development of fundamental movement skills and fundamental sport skills that permit a child to move confidently and with control, in a wide range of physical activity, rhythmic (dance) and sport situations.  Physical literacy is multi-faceted and encompasses agility, balance, coordination as well as confidence and competence in a variety of movement environments.  Many children successfully develop physical literacy through play, physical education and other daily activities.  Unfortunately some children encounter physical, sociological and psychological barriers to physical literacy development.  These barriers lead to negative physical activity experiences.

Active video games (AVG) have emerged in recent years as an alternative to traditional physical activity.  These games are enjoyable, increase heart rate and, with regular engagement, may have some positive impact on physical literacy.  Nintendo Wii® utilizes motion sensors to allow the gamer to physically perform a variety of actions using a hand held controller and whole body movements. As a result, active video game play has the potential to become a source of physical activity for users (Lafortuna, Lazzer, Agosti, Galli, Mazzilli, & Sartorio, 2010; Lanningham-Foster, et al., 2006; Graves , Ridgers, & Stratton, 2008; Maddison, et al., 2007; Graf, Pratt, Hester, & Short, 2009; Straker & Abbott, 2007). Further research is needed to explore the link between AVGs and physical literacy.  Specifically, AVGs may provide an opportunity to enhance physical literacy in a non-threatening environment, thereby overcoming some of the physical, social and psychological barriers.

Research Question: What is the impact of AVGs on physical literacy, enjoyment, motivation and competency for children who are identified at risk for early onset of non-transmissible diseases, metabolic conditions or chronic disease, and/or prior negative physical activity experiences?

Activity Suggestion: Alphabet Madness (from the Find Your Fit Website)

Materials Needed: Large Print Letters

Activity Description: Starting with letter “A”, call out each letter of the alphabet, and a corresponding word or phrase that begins with that letter. The teacher can expand on the word/phrase to create an image and to promote movement. After each movement, review the letter and the word, and then ask the children to call out the letter that comes next.  You can continue through the entire alphabet, or select certain letters each day.


B–Breeze: Now a breeze begins blowing, and it blows the apples trees back and forth. (Have children sway & stretch their trunks while trying to keep their “roots” in place.)

C–Cat: Let’s see if you can get on your hands and knees and arch your back like a scared cat.

D–Dance: Now let’s dance. Wiggle your body and shake your legs.

F–Frog: Jump like a frog on your lily pad! Now jump all around the lily pads without touching any of the other frogs.

(Source: Meagan Young, Therapeutic Recreation Specialist)



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