Great Big Walk Audio Update Day #9

Hey this is TA and Marian calling in from the great big walk. Another great day of walking here, about five hours of the great big walk today. I’ve travelled somewhere in the vicinity of about 10 km and gained about 800 meters. I came in at 17 319 steps and 174 floors. Marian had 17 660 steps and 263 floors which seems to fit our elevation curve a little bit better so let’s call today 263 floor. And definitely a day where we started to feel our legs a little bit. I felt like a had a built in inclinometer today that my body knew instantly when the slope went up. Definitely the morning climb of 400 meters felt like a little bit of a grunt. But we sort of stuck our heads down, it was in the sun so it was pretty sweaty. And then after that we had sort of what Judah calls Nepali flat. Undulating, up down, up down as we made our way back down to the ghunsa khola. Had some lunch which was some rice and some fried cabbage with some carrots. Then we had some spam. Pretty exciting day to have spam. And I ate bread, like a chapati kind of a thing. So pretty tasty lunch. I forgot to tell you, the other night we had a very exciting dinner. We had pizza! And it was delicious. We’ve been treated lately. We had deep fried bananas as a dessert, so we are definitely eating well which is great since we are using so much energy going up and down hills. Which is our code word now Nepali flat, which is anything but.

We made our way through lot’s of bamboo forest today. And its been amazing to see the different use of bamboo here by folks. They split it and weave it into walls. Sometimes its woven into floor mats. We’ve also seen it used as roofs on houses. Used as fences for livestock. Split and soaked with water to make it into something soft enough to tie pieces together. And also as plumbing or creating aqua ducks to make water flow from either a creak or from a tap. So very interesting, I’m actually tearing a piece of bamboo. I am going to use it as a steady cam for my gopro. So it’s a pretty ingenious, well not ingenious, it’s an amazing wood product from the forest.

We’re still continuing here in kanchenjunga conservation area. And i know we are here in gagya tonight and there is a sign telling us about making sure we take good care of the red panda. And so I consulted our brochure and learned that there is 23 species of mammals that they know of here and they estimate maybe as many as 58. And I know we saw an article that said just before we left to come here they actually had found a new species of cat called a palace cat when they were looking for snow leopards. Here in this area there is as many as 253 species of birds, snow leopard, red panda, the Himalayan black bear, (inaudible), grey wolf and those are sort of the more endangered mammals. But there is also common leopard, blue sheep and common langur. And I actually don’t know what a common langur is, so I’m hoping someone will text us and let us know what a langur is. We haven’t had a chance to ask Judah yet. We ask him almost everything. So we haven’t seen much wildlife yet, maybe if we quite some evening we will get a chance. We saw some dzo go by today. A couple of (inaudible). Just born dzo went by today, but hoping to catch a glimpse of some of the wildlife that kanchenjunga is famous for. I think everyday for the next little while I will introduce you a little bit more things about kanchenjunga conservation area because it is an absolutely gorgeous place that we are travelling through.

Always a reminder that you are invited to join the great big walk walking group. You can share your steps with us. If you don’t have a pedometer, you can use a website called gmaps pedometer. You can just go in there and mark your route and it will tell you how far you went and there is another converter that will tell you from distance how many steps that is. So even if you don’t have a pedometer, please join the group with us and enter your steps and together we are going to pretty quickly make it to a million steps which is one of our goals. Thanks Karen for the texts, always great to receive encouragement and indeed we are finding ourselves starting to get into the rhythm of the walk, how the days go and already time is already starting to go faster. And in an upcoming blog post I will definitely describe to you what our daily rhythm looks like. So hope you had a great Sunday, we are thinking about all of you out there. Those of you that can, we love to get texts and wishing you a great big walk wherever you might be walking. Thanks! Bye

Total Steps for TA: 17 319 steps and 174 floors

Total Steps for Marian: 17 660 steps and 263 floors

Great Big Walk acknowledges the support of the Memorial University of Newfoundland Quick Start Fund for Public Engagement in making these updates from the field possible.

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2 Responses to Great Big Walk Audio Update Day #9

  1. opusandcaymus says:

    Stay safe out there TA! Stage 2 looks vicious! I love having the updates from you and make sure to say hi to Marian. Brings a smile to our face to think of the trip we had with you last year. Your updates remind me of all the fun! Tyler & Christine

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