Great Big Walk Audio Update Day #10

Hey this is TA calling in from day ten of the great big walk. We’re here in ghunsa and we’ve had another great day of walking here in Nepal. We were basically paralleling the ghunsa khola, so the river that we’ve been travelling by the other day. Sometimes right next to it, other times up above it. Had to go across a couple landslide areas, that were also kind of exciting. Say a little prayer before (inaudible) across. Started out in bamboo forest again and then the fur came in as well as (inaudible) and there is always lot’s of Nepal’s national tree the rhododendron. I wanted to say a big hello to Holy Trinity Elementary. The grade 4’s there are studying exploration and I had a great visit with them right before we left for Nepal. And I wanted to remind any other schools that missed getting signed up ahead of the trip. You can go to the school section of my website and there is instructions there on how you can contact the communications managers so that you can text in questions to our phone.

Same goes to Sylvia Mahoney, Carolina says hi to you. You can also use that same message and learn how to test your sister here if you life. She is doing great, she is doing fabulous, she’s learning lots and rocking this walk. Today I had 21 901 steps and climbed 305 floors. Marian had 22 001 steps and climbed 308 floors and for those of that live in St. John’s that’s almost 7 signal hills. So definitely a day for us going up hill. We’re at a record of the trip so far of almost 3600 meters. So we are feeling the altitude just a wee bit. We will be drinking a lot, hydrating a lot and allowing our bodies to make the miraculous changes that they can do to allow us to exist with much less oxygen in our system. We paused for a sombre moment at the memorial for 26 people killed in a helicopter crash in 2006. It was a bunch of conservationists, both Nepali and international coming to celebrate the new management arrangement for the kinchinjunga conservation association. So along with the memorial plaques they also have set aside some serf forest to be held in perpetuity without human interference as a (inaudible) so we paused there and paid our respects.

And in terms of people that live in the kanchenjunga conservation area, there is approximately a thousand people living and we just had four of them in our vestibule probably aged four to six, saying hello, asking for pens and pictures. There is about 35 villages in the KCA and we will have visited about 6 to 8 of them before we leave the kinchinjunga area. And it’s a very culturally diverse area with lots of different ethnic groups including shupra people, limbu people, rai, gurung, tamang, saki, damai, kami, bohan and some folks that have made it over the passage from tibet. We made it passed through forte today which is a Tibetan settlement and that is where we had our lunch and saw lots of fresh prayer flags and witnessed one of the men who lives there doing a bit of the ritual, burning juhapura and raising a new prayer flag, asking for blessings and help for overcoming obstacles. So another great day here at the great big walk. Thanks Kelly for the words of encouragement. Glad to hear things are going well and as always you can post questions for us in the comments section of the website or text them in. So thanks for following along, have a great day and we will catch you from tomorrow. Bye!

Total Steps for TA:  21 901 steps, 305 floors

Total Steps for Marian: 22 001 steps, 308 floors

Great Big Walk acknowledges the support of the Memorial University of Newfoundland Quick Start Fund for Public Engagement in making these updates from the field possible.

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